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Gerald Eastwood

The Arrival is here and my book proves where the entities are from beyond any doubt. My name is Gerald Eastwood, and I have published a Kindle book titled The CIA, JFK & UFOs.  It is currently on Barnes & Noble and also Kobo and Google Books, and has now appeared on Amazon.  For Press & Media inquiries, I am available at:

Astounding revelations and truths are in my books that people never thought they would see. Could this series of events we are about to delve into show a cover-up of the true story: that the entire UFO question, including abductions, alien/government cooperation, and all the rest, while apparently true, are ultimately a deception of some kind? Are these objects extraterrestrial, or are they some form of time travel? Could they be spiritual entities? Or are they extra dimensional objects from a fourth dimension? You make the decision.

But they are real – and the government cannot explain them. Gerald Eastwood was born in Louisville and attended a Midwestern University. At the University, he became interested in Astronomy as a hobby and took all available courses. As another pastime in college he obtained a commercial pilot’s license. His interests and background in science led him to pursue the most powerful story of our time - UFOs and the mystery behind them. Bringing together his natural research and writing talents, he also produced a book on Surviving the Deep State under the Pen Name Muir Taylor . He is also the stepson of John Stringer, who took the JFK autopsy photos at Bethesda Naval Hospital. He has a high level of knowledge of the JFK conspiracy.